Current Children’s Spanish Classes

Teaching children Spanish through movement, music, and fun

My in-home children’s Spanish classes aim to introduce students to the process of learning a second language in a comfortable, fun environment. Each of the classes is 45 minutes long and takes place in our home in Kansas City, MO in our dedicated basement classroom space. Preschool classes are capped at 6-8 students and elementary classes at 8-10 students to ensure students get a small group class experience.

Children learn best when they are having fun, so each of my children’s Spanish classes will involve music, art, drama, and play instead of rote repetition or memorization. I use the TPR (Total Physical Response) method of language instruction to help teach new vocabulary and concepts so students are always moving and playing as they learn.

Elementary Classes

Elementary Spanish classes are for children in kindergarten through sixth grade and focus on Spanish speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. After taking this introductory class, students will be able to introduce themselves, describe their likes and dislikes, state their favorite foods, and activities, and describe numbers, colors, weather, dates, and much more in Spanish! Elementary classes are dropoff classes so parents do not have to remain in class with their students.

Preschool Classes

Preschool Spanish classes are for children ages 3-6 and teach basic Spanish vocabulary through song, stories, games, and art. I teach basic greetings, colors, numbers, animals, and many other introductory Spanish themes. Each lesson incorporates Spanish songs and finger plays, hands-on learning activities, and lots of Spanish speaking and listening. Parents are welcome to stay if they would like but most families drop off their preschoolers for class!

Homeschool Classes

Group homeschool Spanish classes happen during the school day and are tailored to the ages and skill levels of the kids in your homeschool group or co-op. Homeschool students can sign up individually for the classes currently offered or contact me to arrange a class that works for the ages and schedule of the students within their group. Privately arranged homeschool classes have a class rate split between the number of students in the class.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is available for students ages 13+ who need additional help to supplement Spanish courses they are taking elsewhere. Meetings can take place in person or online and are scheduled by appointment only.